Solar Battery Bank Safety Tips

More and more individuals and businesses are using solar bettery to save energy. It’s a great tendency, so let’s not forget about safety!

The batteries can be arranged in different ways to get the voltage you’ll need for your power inverter. If you are using a 1000 watt at12 volt power inverter, you will need 2 units of 6 volts batteries connected in series to come up with the 12 volts.

We offer a few tips that may help save your money:

    • track down the air leaks. There are always hidden air leaks around your windows and doors which need to be isolated to keep the warm inside the house;
    • check your air filter. Filters should be replaced or cleaned once a month. They serve for the right air circulation, so they should be clean to keep air in your house fresh and free of bacterial;
    • adjust the thermostat – try lower the temperature gradually overnight as at night you can cover yourself with warm blankets;
    • install a programmable thermostat – this new technology helps to regulate the temperature automatically and not thinking of it every day, just selecting the right program.

The most dangerous part of this process is the liquid in the battery. The liquid is sulfuric acid that will seriously burn you. As a safety precocious, always have some baking soda nearby to neutralize the acid in case you spilled some on your body.

Another safety tip says that the gasses that come off from the battery, hydrogen gas (H2), can be hazardous as well. It is highly flammable. Make sure you work with the batteries in an open space and no sparks or open flame nearby.