5 Tips for Buying a New Garage Door

We know how important a garage door is to the safety and functionality of your home. This is why we’ve shared the tips below, which can help you choose the best door for your garage without question. Whether you’re building a new home or simply need a new replacement door, these tips should make the decision easier.


1. Decide Your Budget

We recommend setting a budget for your door and all extras, including installation. Garage doors cost around $200-$500 before installation, although prices can increase greatly if you want something custom. For garages that can house more than two cars, expect to spend more on both the door and the installation.


2. Choose The Material

When you buy garage door, the material is something we recommend you look closely at. Some of the options you’ll find along with important information about them can be found below.


-Wood:  Wood is one of the most popular materials for doors on the garage because it’s beautiful and elegant. Wood is also incredibly strong and can last for many years, although routine maintenance is crucial.

 -Aluminum: Aluminum doors are lightweight yet strong and durable. They can also resist rust and corrosion for increased longevity. However, since this material is lighter in weight, it can dent easily if you’re not careful when you park or have kids play ball nearby.

Steel: Steel is a popular choice because it’s strong, durable, and affordable. However, steel is heavier than aluminum and can dent and corrode from extreme weather conditions.

Fiberglass and vinyl are other materials that you can choose from, although they are not as common. With fiberglass, you’ll get a material that looks like wood but is far less expensive. With vinyl, you’ll get a lightweight material that performs pretty well over the years.


3. Insulated or Not Insulated

If your garage is attached to your home and there’s a bedroom or living space in close proximity, we recommend choosing an insulated garage door. However, if your garage is detached or isn’t close to a living space/bedroom, then non-insulated should be fine.


4. Select The Right Style

A beautiful door on your garage can enhance the curb appeal and overall beauty of the outside of your home. However, you will pay more for a custom look or design that complements your home’s architecture. Even if you don’t have a large budget, try to choose a door that looks nice and doesn’t stick out in a negative way.


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5. Invest in a New Opener

Most garage door experts recommend buying a new opener to ensure your new door can optimally perform. A new opener can also help make the operation of your door much quieter so you can open and close it without waking up the neighbors.







Finding the Right Door for Your Garage

We think it’s important to find the perfect door to fit your garage and home. To make this easier, use the tips above and take your time to find the right selection. In the end, this will mean a door that you love to look at every time you come home.